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Ms Cupcake bargain

You all know vegan pioneer Ms Cupcake has a super rad recipe collection out, right? Remember when I reviewed it here? The book has been incredibly popular and is available in book stores all over the planet.

Here is some new info about the book that has me all excited.

UK supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has an online bookstore selling ebooks and abridged versions of top-selling recipe books. Can you guess where I am going with this?

The ebook online store is selling a reduced version of the Ms Cupcake book for just 99 pence. Yes, 99p!

You get 20 compassionate recipes for a rock bottom price.

Having this collection available via such a massive mainstream platform is not only wonderful news for Ms Cupcake creator Mellissa Morgan, it is also fabulous for the promotion of veganism.

Showing the Ms Cupcake ebook online

Showing the Ms Cupcake ebook online

Pretty cool, huh? You can see and buy the book online here.

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