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I love bread.

My new favourite place to find vegan bread products is my local branch of the bakery chain known as The Bread Shop. How fun is that name?! It is a shop and it sells bread!

Servers in The Bread Shop don’t have a problem with answering questions about products suitable for vegans and a huge amount of their goods seem to fit the bill. Every loaf has a detailed ingredients card alongside the item price so you can even check for yourself.

My latest joy is picking up a giant pretzel from The Bread Shop and happily munching as I stroll down the high street. I’m convinced all the people staring are just jealous of my oversized pretzel and are not paying any attention to the crumbs covering my entire front.

Get into one of The Bread Shop locations and check out the pretzels and loaves for yourself. The five shops are situated in Brent Cross, Chiswick, Richmond, St Albans and St Johns Wood. The company also has an online shop for home delivery!

This photo originally appeared on my Instagram feed. Check it out here.



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  1. Ooooooohhhhh, if only you could see my very envious face!
    Whenever we’re visiting my family in Bavaria we have Brezen every single day. They taste the best straight out of the oven, crusty outside and soft doughy inside, yum yum!

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