Summertime gladness

Hot weather means cool treats and they don’t often come cooler than these fabulous push up pops by Oko Bay.

I’m not convinced about coconut water. Something about the taste is unappealing to me but I’m not sure what.

That said, the frozen push up ice lollies by Oko Bay are delicious and so incredibly refreshing. I recently devoured the pineapple flavoured variety whilst riding a scorching London bus and I’m not being dramatic when I say I think it saved my life. Well, maybe a little dramatic.

I am yet to try the original flavour but given my aversion to plain coconut water, I am hesitant. The pineapple flavour is making me more than happy in the meantime.

STOP PRESS. In other Oko Bay news…

The company is set to launch a range of vegan ice creams made from coconut milk. The 500ml tubs will feature four tropical flavours and Oko Bay responded to a question I posed on Twitter by telling me all the tubs will be vegan.

Do your best, summer. We’ve got Oko Bay.

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