PB glory

I think I have mentioned my childhood obsession with peanut butter previously on this blog.

Apparently I was overheard by my sister Michelle as I hid in the food pantry, smooth talking the crunchy peanut butter into running away with me. It was a pivotal moment in my life. Food and I were in love.

The romantic talk came out of me again last week when I discovered this fabulous product in a deli on Marylebone Hight Street.

These peanut butter cups by Up Cakes are just my sort of thing. Compounded and crunchy peanut base topped with thick, hard chocolate. The cashier told me I wouldn’t be able to stop once I opened them and she was spot on.

I paused briefly only to profess my love.

You can check out the company website here to see the other vegan products they create.


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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I tried the chocolate squares which were quite tasty. The peanut butter ones say best eaten straight from the freezer but a member of staff told me this would be unwise as they would be too hard – but I doubt you are in a position to try that out as by now you must have devoured them all!

  2. I found these the other week in The Natural Kitchen too! Wish I’d picked some up now I know they’re good though…
    Thanks for the rec.

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