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Vegan brewery news

I am all about beer this week. Vegan beer has taken over my life as I gear up for London Vegan Beer Fest. I am up to my ears in hops so you would think the last thing I would have time to write about is a vegan brewery.

But you people need to know about Partizan Brewing.


Tucked away under railways arches in Bermondsey (oh, the romance!), this independent brewery crafts vegan beers and operates as a weekend bar.

Pop down on any Saturday as they roll up the shutters and serve their brews directly from the front of the brewery. You can rustle up some friends to make a day of it or breeze through to buy some take away beer.


Also, keep a keen eye out for their brews in other establishments. The entire range is vegan and the bottles pop up in pubs such as Brew Dog.

Partizan is a ten minute walk from Bermondsey Underground station.

The brewery bar is open on Saturday between 11am and 5pm.

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  1. Amazing! Will definitely be popping down to see these guys. I love beer 🙂

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