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Donuts, dumplings and hot damn

Enough with the torturous posts about divine food half a world away from where the majority of my readers reside. I will stop teasing.

Well, I will stop after this post. I promise.

I have given you some decidedly convincing reasons why you should visit San Diego. The Southern California city is a gorgeous location bursting with attractions that will keep compassionate people on the delirious side of happy. See the vegan drive thru and the vegan market stall as examples.

And there is more.

Moncai Vegan is exactly what I see when I close my eyes at night. It is like the dream I have where the food is irresistible, the service is lovely and there are vegan donuts in a large glass case.

My starter set the bar at such a height, I honestly didn’t think it would be raised or surpassed. I was wrong. The cabbage soup was the best soup I think I have ever enjoyed but it still wasn’t the nicest thing Moncai fed me during my visit.

The bourbon and brown sugar glazed roasted Brussels sprouts were perfect. I would have eaten ten times the amount they served me. As it was, I was drinking the sweet and boozy glaze from the serving dish.

My main course wanted me to know the soup and the sprouts were just pretenders to the throne. The vegan chicken and dumplings in a bowl almost had me in tears of happiness. Soft, chewy dough balls were mixed through a vegetable-packed, creamy chicken stewed sauce.

Then the donuts.

The donut case is not something a person struggling with a sugar addiction needs to see, so it’s a good thing I fully embrace mine. Donuts of all shapes, colours and flavours jostled for my attention next to jumbo cinnamon swirls. It was a tough call, but I settled for a maple glaze donut topped with a vegan marshmallow and a white Oreo cookie glaze donut.

Like Moncai Vegan on Facebook. Investigate flight prices to San Diego. Eat the entire menu. Show little restraint in the face of massive donut selection. Be happy.

moncai outside




donut case


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  1. I know I am late reading this post, but those donuts have made me go onto American Airlines to book a flight!!!!

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