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Time to win

Remember when I wrote about this tasty-sounding cooking demonstration? No?

Well, here is the quick recap.

Angela Malik is a celebrated food creator who has just opened a brand new cooking school in West London. This Thursday she is hosting a vegan Chinese food cooking demonstration class where attendees will learn some nifty food prep skills and eat some delicious plant-based food.


Sounds fab and the news gets even more enticing if you read on.

Angela has generously gifted me a pair of tickets to attend her Chinese at Home – Veggie Style vegan cooking demonstration this Thursday. Attendees will watch the creation of (and then eat) wood ear salad with coriander, pock marked old woman’s tofu and stir fried Chinese greens with sizzling oil.

Here are the simple rules for entering:

– tweet your favourite Chinese food dish with the hashtag #AngelaCooks
– you must tag @AngelaMalik in tweet
– you must follow @AngelaMalik
– the winner gets a pair of tickets
– the winner will be picked at random
– comp runs from 8pm tonight (June  2, 2014) until 8pm tomorrow (June 4, 2014)
– winner is responsible for getting to the event near Ealing Broadway

This is a superb prize. Each ticket is valued at £45 so that is one happy friend you will be taking along with you if you win.

Tell all of your friends to enter. Get involved. All the best!

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  1. Hi Sean, how did this event go in the end? I work just down the road and often pop in to the deli to seek lunch/snack inspiration, but I have found the options to be lacking. Plus, when I ask if certain items are vegan, the staff don’t seem to know the difference between vegan and gluten-free. I just find it odd that a cookery school trying to reach out to the vegan community via you wouldn’t make more of an effort to provide more vegan options (especially cake)…

    • I didn’t go to this event. The person who won the tickets tweeted me to say they had a fantastic time and the food was delicious. I haven’t been to the location at all. I hope they get more vegan food!

      • Cool, no worries! Might drop them a polite email, so hopefully when you do make it over that way there’ll be some delicious vegan cake waiting for you 😉

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