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Inflight sameness

My recent flight between London and Los Angeles featured vegan food that made me feel like I had seen it all before.

The provider of the inflight meals for British Airways must think they have discovered the winning formula for vegan food because I seem to be getting the exact same meal every time I fly.

It’s great there is a meal for me but I would like to see a bit of variety now and again. Cous cous served on a plane is never going to be my idea of the ultimate meal. With a huge rise in the number of companies able to prepare vegan meals to go, surely BA can get a bit more creative with their offerings.

Maybe it is about time a company like Amy’s Kitchen got involved. Just imagine how much more satisfying it would be to served a vegan mac and cheese or red Thai curry mid-journey.

I fly on with hope in my heart for more exciting food.


potato salad


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  1. I recently flew with Virgin Atlantic between LAX and London. You can request vegan meals in advance. From LA, the food was terrible! Despite being served in a box that had “vegan” written on it, it contained dairy-based butter, sour cream pretzels and other similar non-vegan snacks! I wasn’t happy. The way back, however, was much better. I wonder if they have different providers based on the direction? They served a hot lentil and tomato sandwich which was surprisingly delicious. And it came with a label of ingredients so I could confirm that it was vegan. They also served a curry with rice that was verified to be vegan, as well as fruit cups and other snacks. I was happy with the in-flight food coming from London.

    But I agree, if they started serving some of the Amy’s frozen meals, that would be amazing! I love the dairy free mac and “cheese” pasta, and the tofu scramble.

    I hope you enjoyed your trip to LA! I certainly enjoyed my recent trip to London. Ate at Tibits on vegan night which was a treat! 🙂

  2. United airlines always gives me some kind of Indian food and salad. But I’m the kind of person who brings along 3 sandwiches to eat as well so it normally works out fine!

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