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Vegan art competition

You London vegans are so greedy.

You are not satisfied with being able to eat vegan fish and chips in multiple locations. Having a vegan beer festival doesn’t seem to quieten you. Two huge monthly parties in the shape of London Vegan Drinks and London Vegan Potluck leave you wanting more events. More vegan cake companies than you can keep track of isn’t enough.

OK. Let’s see if this scratches that vegan itch.

Announcing a vegan art competition!

A Sustainable World 2014 is the first art competition and exhibition hosted by Atelier Tammam. They say they are looking for “Activist Art”, creative pieces that communicate and promote sustainability and an eco-friendly, cruelty-free lifestyle.


Art competition and exhibition

The judges will pick ten shortlisted pieces to be announced on the 5th of May while the three finalists will be announced at a private viewing taking place on the 15th of May at Atelier Tammam.

The exhibition of the shortlisted works will be open to the public between 16th and 19th of May, 2014. All shortlisted artists are invited to sell their work during the exhibition.  A commission of 20% on sales of artwork will be taken and profits given to a charity promoting sustainability or animal welfare.

Here is the bit I love: no materials containing animal or animal bi-products to be used in art works! 

I know there are many talented vegan artists in the UK and this is a great way to celebrate their skill, dedication, training and hard work while raising funds for charity. A little bit of exposure for the artists and their creations is the icing on the cake!

Entries close May 1, 2014 so you had better get over to the official page to find out about all the entry conditions and processes.

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