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Get looser

Whenever I tell people I am going to Mexico or I say Mexico is the best or I proclaim that I wanna live in Mexico City, they more often than not say the same thing.

They say, “It isn’t very good for vegans down/over/up there”.

Well world, I have news for you. Mexico City has one vegan enterprise that places it squarely on the map as one of the best destinations on the planet for plant eaters.

Get ready to be jealous. Get ready to imitate the hell out of this. Just get ready.

Los Loosers.

Los Loosers is as simple as it is staggeringly-impressive. People make vegan food. People bag up vegan food. People deliver vegan food via fixed gear bicycle. In all of my travels in search of stomach satisfaction, I have rarely been so delighted, charmed and fulfilled by a food provider.

The menu is shared via social media between 9am and 10am every morning, Monday through Friday. Customers then message Los Loosers back expressing a desire for the food and a time is given for delivery. All the customer has to do then is be at the agreed spot at the agreed time to exchange money for food.

And it isn’t a lot of money. At time of posting, the menu item of the day will set you back just MX$65. That is about US$4.90 or GBP£3 for either a jumbo homemade sandwich or a bag of pastries. Including delivery!

Check out some of the items I ate during my recent vacation in Mexico City.

Delivery is made

Delivery is made

Red falafel sandwich

Red falafel sandwich

Special recipe popcorn

Special recipe popcorn

Valentine's burger with fresh strawberry

Valentine’s burger with fresh strawberry

Spiced bread, sweet scroll & coconut bread

Spiced bread, sweet scroll & coconut bread

Brussels sprouts sandwich

Eggplant/aubergine sandwich with Brussels sprout garnish

The reach of their food isn’t limited to bicycle delivery. Los Loosers regularly pop up at events, markets, stores and festivals to feed the hungry masses. One such event was the annual Gato Fest which we attended during our stay.

The photos below show what was on offer from the Los Loosers crew on the day, including succulent burgers and decadent brownies. A line of people desperate to get some goodness from the food stand was incredibly long and didn’t let up all day.

People love them some Loosers in Mexico City.

Los Loosers at Gato Fest

Los Loosers at Gato Fest

Moist brownie

Moist brownie

If the food is not enough to win you over (you CAN see these photos, right?), Los Loosers go about business in a way that is sure to impress.

They make it a priority to source local ingredients, all of their bread is handmade by them, they always deliver by bicycle and their food is completely soy free.

Your mission in life is now very clear.

Follow Los Loosers on Twitter.

Marvel at their food pics on Instagram.

Like them on Facebook.

Get to Mexico City as quickly as possible.

Fo extra fun, check out the gorgeous Los Loosers website.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Do they deliver to Hertfordshire? 😉

    • Close your eyes and wish REALLY hard! LOL

  2. Insanely dirty!!! Love it!!!!

    • Hey Filthy! Ditto!! 😛 A bunch of us, one day, should take a trip together to Mexico, yeah?? Nighty Night! 🙂 x

  3. Love Los loosers and love u Fatgayvegan greetings from Mexico City

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  5. Omg those brownies!! I mean everything looks amazing, but the brownies are killing me lol

  6. I am such a huge fan of Los Loosers! Hope I get to try their stuff one day.

  7. One of the former Gallery Cafe chefs worked in Mexico cooking vegan food!

  8. When is the soonest they can deliver to central London?? 🙂 Oh my goodness, the food looks fab! No doubt you’ll set up home there someday!! 🙂 See you at Potluck! 🙂 x

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