Vegan snacks. I eat a lot of them and one of my favourites is this tub of piri piri houmous by Sainsbury’s. It is true that I would probably eat most things with a clearly-visible vegan symbol, but this is special in it’s own right. My advice: best eaten with corn chips.

Are there dips and spreads you think I should try? I’m always willing to experiment for the sake of the blog!

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Written by fatgayvegan

    • yeah – that Moorish smoked humous is pretty amazing 🙂

  1. Speculoos spread from Waitrose is exceptionally delicious:

  2. Purely Hummus do some amazing bean dips and you can freeze them. I’ve only seen them at Natural Kitchen on Marylebone High Street so far.

  3. This link takes you straight to the houmous.

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