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I don’t want to be on television

Here is an opportunity for those of you craving national exposure!

This morning I saw a call out on Twitter for a vegan couple to join a new television series and thought I would share the info with you all. You never know, the vegan version of Pauly D or Snooki may very well be reading this right now!

Here are the details you need if you fancy being emotionally vulnerable in front of millions of people:

A brand new series by the multi-award-winning Lime Pictures Ltd is in early stages of production and aims to explore the psychology behind relationships while investigating interculturalism. Kinda heavy.

Each episode will feature two couples aged between 18-25 years old – in both the UK and abroad. A member from each couple will embark on an exciting overseas adventure, exploring and living their counterpart’s life. The other person from the couple will remain in the UK to entertain the visiting half of the overseas couple. The producers say it is through this unique life-swap that each couple will learn about another culture and themselves.

The producers are especially keen to have a vegan couple participate in the show. Check the image below for contact details.

If any of you get involved, I will expect a FGV shout out!

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  1. Oh god, while I don’t subscribe to the notion that everyone’s out to get the vegans, this very much sounds like a version of wife swap and they’re looking for “unusual” couples to “mix it up,” i.e. hook up the vegan with the butcher from Brussels and see what happens…..the pedigree of TOWIE and the other show doesn’t exactly vouch for quality

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