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Buy cake without leaving the house

I make no secret for the respect I have for Ms Cupcake and the hard work Mellissa Morgan has put in to make her brand one of the most respected independent businesses in London. Notice I didn’t say ‘vegan’ before businesses? That’s right. Ms Cupcake is in the majors.

One of the secrets to their success has surely got to be the relentless attitude to keep creating new products and new ways to get them to people.

Take for instance their new mail order service. 

How does it work? Simple.

Get on over to the online store, select the treats you want and sit around impatiently as you wait for the postal service to do their thing. At the moment, you can’t order cupcakes (sad face) but you can get your long-distance fill of muffins, cookies, cookie sandwiches, squares, scones, savoury treats and cake slices (happy face).

My cake delivery

My cake delivery

The team over at Ms Cupcake sent me a box of cake slices so I could test the service for myself. The verdict? The cake arrived in perfect condition and was devoured in record time. Lovely!

If you have more self control than a FGV, you can buy four slices and freeze some to bring out at a later day as a treat.

Happy online shopping!

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  1. It’s a brilliant service! I wanted to send someone a little thank you and (even before their official launch) they were amazingly helpful and sent out a selection box for me, including a personal note on my behalf. That is great service indeed!
    I was actually thinking of you today (no joke!) when I blogged about Sticky Toffee Pudding – you are a man who likes sweet treats! Unfortunately I can’t do mail order 😉

  2. Freezing CAKE for a future date – a novel concept, I can’t see it working for me!

  3. Whoa; I love those slice containers! Vegan Treats has started delivering assorted goodies in the States; cannolis by post!

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