Autumn vegan pie feast

As the colder weather approaches, take comfort knowing there is an exclusive vegan supper club full of hearty pies and sweet tarts just around the corner.

Fat Gay Vegan (that’s me!) has teamed up with pie experts The Tickled Tastebud Co. for an evening of delicious, handcrafted vegan pies and tarts.

Hosted in the intimate setting of a Kensington apartment on Saturday October 12th 2013 from 6pm, this exclusive meal is open to only six diners. You will need to be faster than speedy to secure a place.

Once you have read the menu below, I am certain you will be booking instantly.

Chestnut and Mushroom Bourginon Tart 


Starter consists of a trio of canapé style tarts

Balsamic Onion and Fig – Sweet tender figs complement the tanginess of the balsamic onions and the “tofu” cream cheese. An explosion of flavours.

Spiced Pumpkin – Tender cubes of pumpkin cooked in a creamy coconut sauce, with the delicate hint of cinnamon and the slight heat of green chillies encased in a curry leaf and green chilli pastry. Lovely and warming!

Pea, Asparagus and Broadbean – Summer is over but lets celebrate it once again with this gorgeous summer flavours cooked in a creamy sauce encased in a crumbly pastry.

 Your main meal 

Chestnut and Mushroom Bourginon Tart served with mash potatoes and greens – Mushrooms and Chestnuts, cooked to soft perfection in a rich red wine sauce flavoured with bay leaves and slightly caressed by the fragrance of mustard.  All encased in a crumbly home made pastry.

 Your dessert

Tiramisu – Sponge moistened with a hint of coffee and Marsala wine, layered between soft creamy tofu cheese filling. Beautiful to look at but even better to eat. Perfect end to a perfect evening.


*Please note tickets are not refundable

*This event is BYO

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Looks so yummy!

  2. If I lived in your area (or your continent), I would be ALL OVER this. Wow. Sorry to be missing out. Menu looks fantastic.

  3. […] I am sorry that I started off my day at VegFest UK on Sunday with a cream-filled chocolate eclair-type doughnut the size of my head from the stall that stole the show (I heard about the stall before I even set foot in VegFest, and from the moment I arrived people were asking me if I’d tried the doughnuts yet).  And apologies that I followed that up with a burger and chips, coffee, chocolate samples, a drink at the pub with new friends and then another head-sized doughnut.  But to be fair I let you rest while I listened to vegan MP Kerry McCarthy give an update from Westminster on vegan-related issues, and I only grabbed a few some food samples while wandering around the fair checking out the eco-friendly stationery, vegan shoes, and trying out new vegan products like these new (at least to me) marshmallows.  And even if I did follow it with a chocolate bar, I did eat roasted vegetable puttanesca pasta that night.  And I stopped myself from eating one of the other two chocolate bars I bought, or the creme egg.  Okay, so maybe I did start Monday off with another massive cream-filled doughnut but it made me happy.  And yes, I did desperately want to try out the new chipotle mayonnaise so I may have had soup and chips for lunch Monday (the soup balances the chips, no?).  I’m atoning for my sins now with lots of salad, roasted veg, and overnight oats for breakfast.  I hope you’ll forgive me.  At least before the weekend – because I have pie-related plans. […]

  4. […] thank you to Indira for sending the above photo to me today. You might remember I ran a fabulous supper club with Indira based around her pies. Keep a look out for her pie making to expand into a market stall […]

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