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Will you remember me?

When you put a lot of time and effort into something, it’s nice to get some recognition. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy, right?

I have been plugging away at this blog and its associated activities for two and a half years. How time flies when you are guilt-tripping yourself into meeting self-imposed publication dates. Seriously though, I feel I have been consistent in sharing my thoughts on vegan food, products and events throughout the UK and the world. I’m proud of this little corner of the Internet.

My first FGV blog entry... EVER!

My first FGV blog entry… EVER!

It would seem the pride I have in my own abilities isn’t completely unfounded as my blog has been nominated for an award.

VegfestUK is a series of huge vegan festivals that take place in Brighton, Bristol (happening this weekend May 24-26, 2013) and London. Running for ten years, the events are a celebration of all things plant-based and are hugely popular outings for vegans and non-vegans alike.


To celebrate their tenth year, VegfestUK organisers want to recognise vegan businesses, personalities and products with their own award show. Thankfully, they have included a vegan blog category meaning I was able to sneak in with a nomination.

Please visit the voting page and pop a little tick next to my name (if you feel I deserve it). If you do vote for my blog, please let me know in the comments section below. I would like to include you in my acceptance speech at the award ceremony taking place in London this October.*

*This might not happen in reality


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  1. I gladly voted for you and will be cheering you on for a win…great blog, great writing

  2. Congrats on your nomination. I did vote for you. I hope it counts because I’m in the states and don’t have a clue who most of the other nominees are. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and rarely comment, but you certainly deserve to win.

  3. Hi – I’ve voted. You’d be a well-deserved winner. Very best of luck!

  4. Congrats! I just put in my vote. Thanks for keeping us up to date on all things vegan in LON x

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