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Feeding frenzy

It might technically be the middle of winter, but I’m in a summer lovin’ kind of mood. Josh and I just spent four glorious days of sunshine in Florida where we soaked up the goodness of tropical weather. My current location of Philadelphia is nowhere near as warm, but the temperature here is certainly unseasonal. Instead of snow drifts and ice patches, I’m faced with blue skies and cool but pleasant temperatures.

The word from back in the UK is much of the same, so all this non-wintry weather has got me thinking about a frozen treat I sampled some time ago. Is it warm enough where you are to enjoy an ice lolly/popsicle?

From a small but growing company in West Sussex called Yummy Lollies come these refreshing and healthy frozen snacks. Real Fruit Frenzy are a line of ice lollies in push-up tubes. The idea behind the products is simple. Combine real fruit juice and freeze it. The tubes contain absolutely no additives, they are not watered down and are sweet only because they are made of fruit juice (ie no added sugar).

It's a Real Fruit Frenzy

I enjoyed the blackcurrant flavour made of orange, grape, blackcurrant and lemon juice. The other varieties in the award-winning Real Fruit Frenzy range are orange and apple/raspberry. These might be just what you are looking for to take the edge off that unseasonal winter sunshine.

Juicy ice treat

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