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Like it ain’t no thang

There have been some fabulous vegan nights out in London during the last few weeks and The Vegan Butcher has dropped by to catch us up.

Time for a quick London Vegan Events roundup for the month of December!

The vegan community in London is growing larger and stronger each month. What December taught us is that we’re here! We’re vegan! GET USED TO IT! No, wait…that’s not quite it. What we learned this month is that London vegans love getting together to show off our mad kitchen skills/get drunk (depending on the event).

The December potluck was held, as always, on the first Wednesday of the month at the campus of Syracuse University London Program in central London. A lot of attendees kicked things into high gear because of the holiday season and the results were amazing. We had an Italian-style seitan roast, gorgeous salads, and delectable desserts, among many, many other things. Just take a look at some shots from the night.

Savoury cookies

Sweet vegan delights

Vegan pizza

Gourmet vegan delicacy

Stunning seitan with potato

The monthly London Vegan Drinks event was held this past Thursday at tibits vegetarian bar in central London. With over 100 RSVPs logged for this event, tibits showed us some cruelty-free love by making their buffet menu 99% vegan for the night. It was enough to warm any wind-chilled London vegan’s heart! It was yet another amazing night from the consistently fabulous tibits.

Vegan wine flowed at tibits

Vegan plate at tibits

January’s schedule for these London vegan community events will be a little bit off, but I’ll let my chubby, gay friend tell you all about that.  I wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday season. See you all in January! xx

Many thanks to The Vegan Butcher for a succinct round-up. As she mentioned, London Vegan Potluck is taking January off but will be back in full force in February. London Vegan Drinks is relentless and will be enjoying no such break. You can drink with compassionate people on Thursday Jaanuary 19, 2012.

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  1. To paraphrase Alice Tinker (Vicar of Dibley Series 1 Episode 6 “Animals” – December 1994)…
    I can’t believe that the Italian-style seitan roast (with potatoes) is not an Italian-style carnivores-delight roast (with potatoes)…

    Looks delish, unless the photo is not delivering 1000 words worth… The Vegan Butcher’s pictures are usually worth one-thousnad and five words.

    Happy Christmas!

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