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Join more than 100 vegans and their friends on the first Saturday of each month for a compassionate party like no other.

London Vegan Drinks has grown since its inception in 2011 to become one of the most popular and loved vegan social events anywhere in the world. People drink. People eat. People meet without meat. People have a fabulous time.

When is the next London Vegan Drinks? Saturday August 1, 2015 from 6PM.

How does London Vegan Drinks work?

You show up. You buy drinks. You buy food if you are hungry. You socialise. It is so simple, yet so effective. There is no cover charge. The bar is stocked with a huge range of vegan beers, ciders, wines, cocktails and juices.

Your host Fat Gay Vegan will have name stickers for guests to wear (it helps with breaking the ice) and will introduce you to friendly vegans if you are feeling a little shy.

Where is the venue?

Kabaret @ Karamel is a gorgeous space located just a short stroll from both Wood Green Underground station and Alexandra Palace railway station.

Kabaret is a 100% vegan restaurant, bar and late night music venue. You can read more about the venue here, follow them on Twitter or like their Facebook page.

The maps below show two options for walking from Wood Green and one option for walking from Alexandra Palace.

walk LVD

Walk from Wood Green to London Vegan Drinks: option A

walk dos LVD

Walk from Wood Green to London Vegan Drinks: option B

ally pally walk LVD

Walk from Alexandra Palace station to London Vegan Drinks

More FAQs about London Vegan Drinks

Q. Can I come on my own? A. Of course! Find your host Fat Gay Vegan on the night and he will help you connect with new friends.

Q. Can I enjoy a sit down meal? A. Of course! We recommend arriving as close to 6pm as possible to have a better chance of securing a table. Menu details coming soon.

Q. Can I arrive later/earlier/any time I like? A. Of course! London Vegan Drinks is a no pressure environment where you can arrive when you choose, leave when you choose and stay for as long as it suits you.

Q. Is London Vegan Drinks a singles/dating event? A. No. London Vegan Drinks is an event for all manner of compassionate people to connect socially as friends. Of course romantic connections can occur between consenting adults in any situation (and they have at LVD), but this is not the focus of the evening.

Q. What time does London Vegan Drinks run until? A. London Vegan Drinks commences at 6PM and runs until the party runs out of steam. Kabaret has a 2AM licence.

Q. What time is the last Tube on Saturday night? A. If you are heading towards King’s Cross, there are trains at 11:56PM, 12:01AM and 12:06AM. If you are heading towards Cockfosters, there are trains at 12:52AM and 12:58AM.

Q. Do buses travel to Wood Green? A. Yes. Click here to open a PDF of all the bus routes that pass through Wood Green, including the N29 for those who miss the last Tube!

Q. Do I need to book to attend London Vegan Drinks? A. No. It is as simple as showing up.

Q. Do I need to be vegan to attend London Vegan Drinks? A. No. It is an event designed for vegans to celebrate being vegan but is open and welcoming to all people. Just don’t walk around complaining about the lack of cheese/meat/eggs!

Q. Can I bring my non-vegan friends/family/partner to London Vegan Drinks? A. Of course! See above answer. Our party is open to all.

Q. Is the venue accessible for wheelchairs? A. Yes.

Q. Does the venue have wheelchair accessible toilets? A. Yes.

Q. Is there a cash machine in the venue? A. No. There are cash machines located near Wood Green station. You can pay with card at the bar.

Q. Does the venue have parking? A. There is no designated venue parking, however there is unrestricted street parking after 6:30PM on Saturday on the local streets that you can use at your own risk. Of course you should check parking instruction signs wherever you choose to leave your car. Don’t drink and drive. Ever.

Q. Does the venue recommend a hotel if I need to stay over? A. Yes. Louise and Frank of Kabaret recommend the White Lodge Hotel Hornsey. The hotel has rooms suitable for groups and further information can be found here.

Q. Is London Vegan Drinks an inclusive event? A. Yes. There is a zero tolerance policy relating to all actions and language associated with sexism, racism, sexual harassment, homophobia, transphobia, religious intolerance and all forms of bigotry.

You can let people know you are coming along by RSVPing on:

Events by Fat Gay Vegan Meetup group

Facebook event page (great for spreading word about the event/use the invite button)

London Vegan Meetup group

Please note you DO NOT have to RSVP on any of the above pages to attend this event. These pages are social networks for members to keep in touch, alert their friends which events they are attending and keep track of upcoming events.

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