Join us for the monthly Sunday GeekstraVEGANza at The Old Crown Public House – a central London pub with a vegan kitchen.


A whole afternoon playing board/card games – we will have a selection of our favourites, and you’re welcome to bring any you want to play. We’re always happy to teach rules to newcomers, and the hosts can introduce you to other attendees if you like.

Next event: Sunday November 6, 2022 from 12:00pm until 6:00pm (or even later if you want!)


Everyone is welcome, no matter their level of “geekiness” – quick and easy games will be on offer as well as more complex ones. Feel free to join us at any time, since new games will start as people arrive. This is a space for vegan and vegan-friendly people to socialise so don’t come along if you hate vegans. (And of course you can arrive/leave at any time as well, although we hope you’ll have fun and want to stay until the end!)


We have the entire top floor of the pub for the whole duration of the event (there is no lift available), and can also use the karaoke room if we need spillover space.

The venue is kindly hosting us for free. Please make sure to show your support by ordering some vegan pub food (pizza served all day), munching down on burgers and fries from Vetomeato (sometimes opened on Sundays), and buying drinks from the pub.

The kitchen is fully vegan but the pub serves some non-vegan drinks (the staff are very knowledgable about what is and isn’t suitable).

You can invite friends over on the Facebook event.