£5.50 for a vegan sausage roll

Hello from London, one of the most expensive places on the planet to buy a vegan sausage roll!

In this weeks mini podcast episode, I moan about the cost of vegan sausage rolls. I also talk about changing my name to Plum King (just a joke, not a fact). In addition, I chat about where I have been eating recently (not a joke, just a fact).

FGV Mini News Roundup October 26, 2021 Fat Gay Vegan

If you wanna hear a convoluted story about a cable car and bad vegan nachos, this episode is for you. I also rant about a non-vegan restaurant using the term plant based. Oh yes, I’ve got scores to settle this week.
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The June 10, 2021 news roundup is possible because friendly people sponsor me on Patreon. I get to talk about and write about vegan business because of this support.


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