News podcast for May 12, 2021

I am back again with a brief audio recap of all the vegan news that matters to me this week.

It is the Fat Gay Vegan Weekly News Roundup: episode 4.

Listen to how many mistakes I make this week. Also, find out about free vegan meat, a vegan job in London, and where in the UK a pub has just gone 100% vegan.

FGV’s mini news roundup October 20, 2021 Fat Gay Vegan

Give me vegan chocolate truffles and I’ll be happy. Give me a vegan chocolate truffle advent calendar and I’ll be very happy for 25 days. FGV talks about vegan news, reviews, and product launches in his own DIY (read unprofessional) style. Supported by his Patreon donors.
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  4. Fat Gay Vegan loves Truffle Pig in Sheffield and wants you to know about that and other facts!
  5. Fat Gay Vegan mini news roundup is the place to hear my voice say “food rules”

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