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Podcast fever

I’m dropping by to let you know that I am BACK on the podcast airwaves… weekly!

During the first 100 days of lockdown in 2020, I posted daily news roundups via Facebook Live. Those roundups were my way of putting something positive into the world at a very trying time, while also creating a way for our vegan communities to stay connected.

Those daily videos were very DIY but also time consuming. Doesn’t mean I don’t miss them, though!

As the world is still struggling with the global pandemic and things are nowhere near close to how they were before 2020, I am inspired to reach out again and create a weekly show highlighting all the latest news from the world of veganism.

I love connecting and wanted to create a new way of supporting independent vegan business. It also helps that I love the sound of my own voice!

The first episode has just gone live and you will be able to stream across a number of platforms. It is a brief 10 minute listen, so why not give it a try?!

See all about the show and find links for streaming (including Spotify) on my podcast homepage.

This blog has been running for more than 10 years and it is made possible thanks in no small part to the kind support of the people supporting me on Patreon. If you would like to pledge a monthly contribution to help keep the FGV dream alive for a second decade, visit my Patreon page.

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