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Most liked FGV Instagram posts of 2020

Somehow, 2020 felt like a blur I completely missed AND a gruelling marathon that never wanted to end at the same time.

It has been tough for every single person I know and excruciating for some.

The financial downturn caused by the pandemic meant that I had to relocate from Mexico to the UK in search of work. I am now in Sheffield, working and waiting out the pandemic.

I have given up trying to predict the future, so I wanted to take some time out of my day to look back on the most popular posts of mine from Instagram in 2020.

Most of them are happy and carefree, but a few are more serious.

Join me in taking a break from our collective unpredictable monotony by looking back.

They might be a tad difficult to see in that grid, so let me give you a closer look at my top nine Instagram posts of 2020 below.

Number 9 was a surprise to me. I took a quick snap of the vegan advertising by the West Cornwall Pasty Co and more than 1,400 people liked it.

We vegans are sometimes easy to please!

Number 8 was well deserved!

I am currently working with legendary vegan eatery Make No Bones here in Sheffield and a post I shared of their Sunday roast dinner got a lot of love.

You can still order it for takeaway or delivery, but you might be waiting a while until you can get a drink and sit in for dining.

Supermarket posts always get a lot of views and likes, and this post featuring my Tesco haul was no exception.

It helps that I’ve included some of the most popular vegan products of the year in the photo, including This Isn’t bacon and Applewood cheese.

The Vegan Society included a same-sex wedding on the cover of their magazine and when I posted a photo on my Instagram feed, it garnered more than 1,700 likes!

The fifth most-popular post from Instagram feed during 2020 was another supermarket haul share.

This time it was all about ten products I bought from Waitrose in Sheffield. You can click through all the photos in the post to make sure you don’t miss out on this popular post.

One of my favourite vegan brands on the planet made it to the number four spot on this list.

I shared news of a Vegenaise sighting in Tesco and I had a few lovely things to say about the groundbreaking product. It also attracted almost 100 comments!

This post about my arrival back to the UK was the third most liked of 2020.

It is rare for a non-food photo to rank highly with vegans, but maybe some people were a little happy to have me back in the country?

Oh, the drama!

I mouthed off on Instagram to complain about the price disparity between a vegan pasty and an accidentally-vegan pasty at Asda.

People went wild in the comments of this second most-liked Instagram post, some agreeing with me and some calling me a dickhead.

The most-liked post on my Fat Gay Vegan Instagram account nabbed the top spot by only 30+ likes.

I shared an old graphic I originally made and posted back in 2014. It apparently struck a chord with my Instagram followers again in 2020.

If you want to see what I get up to over on Instagram, follow my account here.

Stay strong and let’s see how long this year takes to pass. Buckle up!

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