Buy vegan soap to support LGBT charity

Great news!

Bars of Hope is ready to sell you gorgeous vegan soap AND you can help them raise funds for a London-based LGBTQ+ charity.

The independent soap company is selling soap to raise money for a different charity each month. They started the fundraising project in June 2020 and raised £332 for The Innocence Project.

This month, Bars of Hope is supporting Opening Doors London.

Opening Doors is a charity that helps older members of LGBTQ+ communities live happy, sociable, and independent lives.

Each bar costs £4 and 50% goes to charity while the other 50% covers expenses of producing and distributing the soaps.

Click here to shop for soaps (UK delivery) and support this crucial charity.

Bars of Hope are especially excited about their Pride soaps!

Follow Bars of Hope on Instagram.

Discover more about Opening Doors London online.

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