Vegan Quarantine: Day 73

Welcome to Vegan Quarantine: Day 73. This daily video series is my way of keeping spirits high within the vegan community while also supporting independent business, charity, and musicians.

Links for everything discussed can be found below.

Essential Vegan Cafe is serving again from June 3. Follow them on Instagram:

Oumph vegan meats announced a 400% increase in UK sales. Follow them on Instagram:

Morissons supermarket chain in the UK has a vegan essentials grovery box you can order online:…/box/Vegan-Essentials-Box

The Allotment Vegan Eatery in Manchester is teasing a delivery service launch. Follow them on Instagram:

Recipe of the day. Raspberry vegan cheesecake with walnut crust:

Music recommendation of the day. Listen to the new Lady Gaga album Chromatica for free on YouTube:

If you would like to financially support this daily video series, you can make a donation via my PayPal account:

You can also support the work I do as FGV by pledging a monthly donation via my Patreon page:

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