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Little Green is a vegan café, bar, health food store, and social space in Newcastle.

It has proven to be extremely popular with, and valuable to, the local community and it needs your help.

If you are reading this post on either August 21 or 22 of 2019, it would be wonderful if you could take a moment out of your day and a few coins out of your wallet to help support the security and expansion of this crucial independent vegan business.

Little Green currently has a CrowdFunder campaign in order to enhance their refill station in order to promote low waste living.

This is what Little Green has to say about the campaign:

When we first discussed our ideas and plans to open a plant based cafe and health food shop, a huge part of it was to be as eco-friendly and kind to the planet as possible. Having a refill station so people can come in and help themselves to various liquids, using their own containers and therefore cutting down on plastic was important to us and we set up a small station in the cafe. This has proven popular with our customers as there isn’t anything like this in our immediate area but there is much more we would like to do. We have taken example from other businesses and are looking to build a bigger structure providing more options including foods such as grains and rice so more customers can visit and help themselves thus cutting out packaging.

All of this is part of our commitment to providing tasty, healthy food, great nutritional advice through our resident nutritionist Gareth with vitamins and products to suit your needs and a lasting commitment to be kind to our planet. We would really love to expand on the services we provide to as many as possible.

This is a fab campaign to throw your weight behind. There is only one day remaining for the campaign and they are currently at 82% of the target.

Click here to make a donation now.

Be sure to follow Little Green on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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