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Deluxe vegan sweet treat box

First, a warning.

Every single time I post about Convectionery, they sell out. Like, in record time.

So if you like what you are about to read, you need to order instantly or it will be gone.

Convectionery has launched a deluxe box in the UK which includes a sample of every glorious thing the company makes including vegan versions of Kit Kats, Jammie Dodgers, Peanut Butter Cups, and Wagon Wheels.

The deluxe box from Convectionery costs £20 and includes:

1x peanut butter cup
1 x Vego chocolate cup
Rocky Road bites
2 x Jammie Dodgers
2 x Kit Kat
1 x Wagon Wheel
2 x White Kit Kat
2 x peanut butter Kit Kat
1 x white peanut butter cup
1 x white Vego cup
1 x white Wagon Wheel
2 x white chocolate covered Oreos
2 x chocolate covered Oreos

That is one impressive box!

Click here to order a box (or two) for yourself right now. This blog post went live on August 14, 2019 and I’ve been told it will only be available for 7 days or until it sells out.

You can follow Convectionery on Instagram.

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