Mexico has a vegan restaurant chain

Mexico has certainly been stepping up when it comes to vegan cuisine.

Most major towns and cites have at least one or two vegan eateries, mainstream supermarkets are bursting with plant-based alternatives, and there is even a monthly vegan food fair in Mexico City.

But in even bigger news, Mexico now as a vegan restaurant chain called VEGAN INC.

VEGAN INC was founded a few years ago by Chef Andres in the northern city of Monterey, the capital of Nuevo León. Branching out from there, he soon opened a second location in the upmarket Mexico City neighbourhood of Polcano.

Andres crafted a sophisticated menu that combines traditional Mexican flavours, international cuisine, and the latest vegan food advances.

I was recently invited to a sneak preview of the menu at the third VEGAN INC location on Avenida Revolución in San Angel, positioned in the south of Mexico City.

The food was sensational.

Before you scroll down to enjoy the view, I’m thrilled to also tell you that VEGAN INC have TWO MORE restaurants opening over the next few months.

Locations four and five will be in the cities of Puebla and Guadalajara.

That’s correct, friends. Mexico has a vegan restaurant chain that is soon to boast five locations spread around the country. Now that’s some impressive progress.

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Preview menu
Strawberry and agave syrup limeade
Ginger and agave syrup limeade
Fondue selection of croutons, grapes, and broccoli
Mushrooms marinated in lime juice and chile served with chipotle and avocado mayos
Dry noodles served with almond ricotta, avocado, and dehydrated cracker
Avocado, beetroot, hummus, and radish stack
Mushroom taco served with mole
BBQ Burgers
Chocolate cake (with carrot cake in the background)
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