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Help a vegan café open in México City

Our duty as compassionate people is to not just refrain from eating and wearing animals, but to also support independent business owners who are doing their best to promote veganism.

Shaya and Julia, a Mexican-French couple, are opening a permanent home for their Café Vegetal coffee and cake business and you can be a part of this huge adventure.

Ever since they met, Shaya and Julia have shared the same dream of having a place to showcase their passion for coffee and vegan food (especially desserts!). After one year of offering their products in markets and bazaars, the project has grown and they have decided to venture into the opening of their first store.


Just like anywhere on the planet, opening a vegan business in México City costs money so we all need to come together to get this new venture over the line.

Café Vegetal is running a Kickstarter campaign to help cover some of the costs associated with launching in México City and you can throw a few pounds, dollars, or pesos their way.

Click here to donate and to check out the rewards.

With just under two weeks remaining of the campaign, Café Vegetal need just over £800. Let’s help them get there!

You can also follow Café Vegetal on Instagram.

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