Vegan friendly candle company in the UK

Megan and Abhay are making vegan candles and they want you to know about it!

They first learned the craft of candle making from a good friend, and if it was not for him, Megan and Abhay say there would be no Ahimsa Soy Candles today. For the past few years they have been perfecting their products before launching their brand of candles to the public.

Their goal is to provide an ethical product with an ethical outcome. That’s why they try their very best to source everything ethically, from packaging, containers, tape, wicks, and even the labels they use on their product. Their candles are thoughtful and non-toxic!

Ahimsa candles are made from soy wax which is biodegradable and free from toxins and carcinogens. Soy burns cooler than paraffin wax which means a candle made from soy will generally last longer, and it will not produce harmful petrol-carbon soot otherwise found in petroleum-based candles. Scented soy wax releases the fragrance in a more natural, clean way.

Megan and Abhay told me that ‘Ahimsa’ is a fundamental principle of Eastern philosophy that translates from Sanskrit to mean non-violence. They say they chose the word ‘ahimsa’ to name their candles because they believe it is important to cause as little harm to others as possible.

The candles are made with 100% natural and biodegradable soy wax, cotton wicks, and premium fragrance oils which are free from parabens. Nothing in their candles is tested on animals, nor do they include animal products or derivatives.

The current fragrances made by Ahimsa include:

  • Spiced Orange: decorated with fragmented dried oranges and orange rind, it carries warm top notes of orange and cinnamon blend, with base notes of buttercream and vanilla. Sweet, warm and comforting
  • Rose Buds: decorated with dried rose petals and a delicate pink rose bud. Roses are given as gifts to communicate messages of love and romance. This candle carries the sweet, rich notes of plump red roses
  • Lavender and Chamomile: decorated with home-grown dried Lavender buds and organic dried Chamomile flowers. Infused with Lavender essential oil, this fragrance lingers amongst the senses with fresh, floral and herbaceous notes. Sweet, clean, soothing quieting and introspective
  • Blessed Be: portion of the profits donated to The Mental Health Foundation. Adorned with Marigold, Sage & Chamomile. Sweet and soft, carrying notes of sweet Pink Lady Apple, Vanilla and Chamomile

You can order online now from the Ahimsa website and be sure to follow them on Instagram.

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