Vegan food at Butlin’s

Award-winning plant-based Oumph! is now on the menu in The Diner at Butlin’s Minehead and Bognor Regis resorts.

Oumph! is offered as a plant-based option in a selection of dishes on both the starter and the main course section of the menu.

“We are really proud of our exciting new menu in The Diner and are pleased to be offering our guests the choice of Oumph! as a vegan topping on our Traditional Tacos as well as the House Cobb Salad. Our new menu features everything from authentic American dishes and build your own burgers to delicious thick shakes, delighting our guests and providing great value for money,” says Jenny Cooper, Head of F&B and Retail Marketing at Butlin’s.

At Butlin’s one of the best things about getting away is giving yourself the time to do things you don’t often get to do at home, and Butlin’s know that sitting down together to enjoy a meal as a family can be one of those things.

Jenny Cooper continues:

“In the past year we have seen increased demand for us to offer a wider variety of vegetarian and vegan menu options. Oumph! is the perfect choice since it is very versatile and suitable in a range of different dishes. The fact that it’s not only vegan but also gluten-free is an added bonus.”

Dave Smith, Head of UK Foodservice at Oumph! and Food for Progress comments:

“We’re pleased to see that a family focused establishment like Butlin’s have chosen Oumph! to add value to their menu. No doubt this will be very welcome for the ever-increasing number of Oumph! fans among vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians.”

While you wait for your next family vacation at Butlin’s to come around, you can visit the Oumph! website and follow the brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Written by fatgayvegan

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  1. We went to Butlins Minehead a few weeks ago for the Great British Alternative weekend and there were almost no #vegan options.
    The Diner was hardly open when we needed to eat.

    It was like stepping back into the vegan wasteland of the 1980s.

    We also tried Toucan in Minehead at 3pm on the Saturday but they just ignored us and when we asked they just rudely said ‘Kitchen Closed’, despite their advertised hours being until 4pm.

    Suffice to say we won’t be hurrying back to Butlins or bloody Minehead.


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