Inventive vegan food

We have come a long way in the UK when we consider unique vegan food.

Temple of Seitan rocked the boat with vegan fried chicken, The Vegan Food Pod is turning the country upside down with custard filled gourmet donuts, and What The Pitta are changing meat-eating minds with their stunning kebabs.

Now we have two food specialists in the UK using humble fruits and vegetables to create unique and inventive dishes to keep us all interested.

First up we have brand new Kensal Rise, London vegan restaurant Comptoir V serving up a mushroom ribs plate.

They take a huge mushroom, crumb it, slather it in BBQ rib sauce, and serve it sliced. Take a look at the dish below and follow Comptoir V on Instagram.

You can also be blown away by this watermelon steak being served by Shakers Dairy Free in Colchester, Essex.

The fresh watermelon slice is marinated in balsamic glaze, liquid smoke, salt pepper, and rosemary before being seared. How unusual! This sweet steak alternative has been getting some rave reviews.

Follow Shakers on Instagram.

Have you seen any unique or unusual vegan foods being served up around the UK? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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