Vegan cafe in Bradford

This blog post started life thanks to my partner Josh saying to me, “Hey, there is a new vegan cafe in Bradford and the menu looks amazing”.

So, I’m here to tell you about The Willow Tree Cafe located in Saltaire, Bradford but I thought it would also be amusing to give you an insight into how a short blog post like this can take me more than an hour to put together.

Following on from Josh’s statement, I felt it was my duty to at least understand where exactly Saltaire is positioned on a map. This task also found me comparing distances from Saltaire to major cities and towns in the region. I discovered that Saltaire is twice the driving distance from Manchester as it is from Leeds.

Once I was satisfied that I could place Saltaire geographically, I decided that it would be nice to know a little bit of history. I soon found myself wrapped up in the life and times of the mill and the town’s namesake, Sir Titus Salt. Yep, his name was joined with the River Aire to form the town’s name.

I am now obsessed with the fact that Saltaire is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town was built as a Victorian model village in 1851 and all of the buildings are now protected.

This is how ridiculous writing one single blog post can be for me… and I do this every single day of the year!

Because I am now in love with Saltaire, I’m even more thrilled to know about The Willow Tree Cafe situated on Fairfield Road.

The menu is absolutely stunning and I’m particularly impressed by the Sunday roast consisting of seitan beef, roasties, maple roasted root veg, greens, Yorkshire pudding, and lashings of homemade beef style gravy.

Do yourself a massive favour and get in for some tasty comfort food.

Follow The Willow Tree Cafe on Instagram and Facebook. See their exact location thanks to Google Maps.

Now, do you wanna see some vegan food being served up in a UNESCO World Heritage Site village?

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  1. This is great news. Finally somewhere vegan other than Zizzi comes to Bradford. I’m in Ilkley so this is geographically closer to me than Bradford. Saltaire is a fascinating place and the Leeds Liverpool Canal passes through it do you can walk or cycle (or boat!) to here from Leeds or Skipton etc. I think this Cafe will do very well. I was in Saltaire before Christmas and was bemoaning the lack of places to eat. Also, look out for new film Funny Cow starring Maxine Peake. Quite a bit of it was filmed at Saltaire.

  2. Looks amazing!!!!

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