Vegan food trike in Sheffield

This is some fabulous, old school vegan news.

Sheffield has a vegan food trike operating in the city centre, selling stacked burgers featuring potato waffles. Yes. Potato waffles inside your burger bun!

No Meat Today UK commenced trading in December 2017 but I’ve only just heard about it thanks to my Sheffield spy on the ground, Jez (who works at Incredible Nutshell and admins the Sheffield Vegan & Vegetarian Facebook Group and always has the best news for me).

The new burger trike takes me back to when this sort of trading was extremely popular for vegan businesses. Heck, there was even a vegan hot dog trike in my hometown of Australia about a decade ago.

For some reason, the trike gave way to regular street market stalls so I’m thrilled to see No Meat Today bringing it back.

The No Meat Today social media accounts seem to be just warming up so help get things kicking along by following them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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