My friend Dex

My friend Dex very kindly allowed me to share this:

All this #metoo stuff has got me thinking (more so than usual) about the shit that I’ve put up with over the years and how I’m still so fucking angry at myself that I smiled and giggled through some nasty shit because it was “the polite thing to do” and to “not cause trouble over such trivial incidents because boys will be boys”.

If I could teach my younger self things, I’d explain to her what emotional abuse was, I’d tell her not to listen to her mother and always kick boys in the dick when they touch her inappropriately, I’d tell her she has a pretty severe right hook and that old men go down like a sack of shit so punch away, baby girl, punch them as hard as you can when they grope you.

I’d tell her this isn’t an isolated incident, to be brave and to stand up to these jerks so that they think twice about doing it to other women. I’d tell her that it’s okay to walk away from men who belittle her and make her feel uncomfortable because she didn’t want to do certain things and to never stay to make them happy.

I’d tell her she wasn’t alone.

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