Vegan fish and chip shop now open

We’ve had a vegan cupcake bakery and a vegan fried chicken shop, so it’s about time the UK got its very own vegan fish and chip shop.

Say hello to Matter Fastfood.

If you are reading this from outside the UK, you might not be familiar with the term ‘chippy’. Chippy is a colloquialism for chip ship, a fast food outlet serving fish, chips, battered sausages, and all manner of comfort food delights.

The clever and compassionate people of Matter have made the population of Bristol incredibly happy by opening their vegan version of the much-loved chippy.

Check out how they describe their business:

We offer the healthiest fast food possible, everything from our vegan take on chip shop right through to super salad bowls and wraps. Imagine pie, chips & peas, vegan fried cheeken (a take on fried chicken), gluten-free battered sausage with chips, or the much-loved tofish and chips. We have kebab wraps, homemade sauces such as chilli, sweet & sour, gravy, curry sauce, garlic mayo all made without salt, oil or MSG. We have plans to develop the menu to include other classic takeout wok dishes and pizza. Our desserts range from pineapple/banana/apple fritters through to high-end raw vegan cheesecakes and homemade super chocolate. Tasty, affordable, nutritious and satisfying, our dishes are aimed at everyone (not just vegans).

Sounds fab. But how does it look?

See for yourself.

Not sure when I have time to get to Bristol this year, but this is as good a reason as any to make the effort.

You should follow Matter on Facebook.

You can see the exact location of the shop thanks to Google Maps.

Extra note: these photos were used with permission of the owner, so do not steal them.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Went to their pre-launch pop up a few weeks back and it was (as they themselves put it) ‘a steep learning curve’ for everyone involved. The great thing was they ran out of food and had to go get more ingredients so there is definitely a demand.
    Chips were great, tofish an eye opener for me as I’d never tried it, but the curry sauce stole the show!
    There are some interesting sounding ideas like cauliflower fritters alongside the more tradition chip shop fare and whenever I’m in that part of Bristol (Bristol Rovers matches, visits to the Chinese Supermarket for example) I will definitely pay them a visit.

  2. Had this in London recently with my 2 girls. Deeelicious.

  3. On a trip in the area, so popped in. Massive portions! Tasty battered sausage and good to see them nice and busy.

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