UK shopping village gets a vegan cafe

Do you remember the excitement when I told you about the shopping village in Coventry, UK where you could find a vegan brewery and a vegan grocery store?

That original blog post about Fargo Village absolutely blew up, with a huge number of readers from all over the UK and the world wanting to find out more.

But that was then.

BIG news coming out of this already very vegan-friendly shopping village tells us that there is now a 100% vegan café on site. How great is that?

Three vegan businesses located within the same shopping village.

Totally Vegan describes itself as a ‘100% vegan cafe serving everyday, affordable food and drink to support you and your family’s vegan journey’. Sounds like a positive outlook to me!

Nikki who runs the Green Unicorn vegan grocery store in Fargo Village had the following to say about the new café:

Totally Vegan opened in early February to queues out the door and many satisfied customers (their lemon and blueberry cake is to die for and they makes a gorgeous chickpea flour quiche too) – and their sausage rolls are so good they’ve even got the non-vegans clamouring for them!

Nikki also let me know they are hosting their own vegan fair in the shopping village this April. Coventry certainly is taking to this vegan malarky, right?!

You should like Totally Vegan Café on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

Yay for vegans taking over shopping villages!

Extra note: the photo in this blog post belongs to Totally Vegan and is reproduced here for promotional purposes.

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