Vegan food with BA

I know you all love posts about airplane food, so I’m sorry I’ve taken more than a week to share these photos.

Josh and I recently travelled between London Heathrow and Mexico City with British Airways. The food on BA can be hit or miss, but we were pleasantly surprised by the two vegan meals offered on this journey.

The first meal consisted of mushroom ragout with barley risotto. Barley! Who has ever been served barley on a plane?! The side was a tasty bean salad, plus we received soya milk and vegan margarine.

Due to the 11-hour duration of our flight, we were served a second meal as we got closer to our destination.

We were served a rather tasty and unusual-for-a-plane dish of Chinese Bean Curd.

As you can see, BA are not about to be awarded food trophies but these meals were definitely a cut above what we are normally served in the air.

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  1. I’ve been complaining about no soy milk on BA flights for years. I’m super excited to see they are finally providing it. Was this a standard BA flight eg not a code share with another airline?

  2. Depends on the ground catering crew they use. Sounds like the UK one has improved but coming back they would use a Mexican one and totally depends on their interpretation of vegan. You may end up with just salad.

  3. My biggest gripe with BA is that she they serve ‘complimentary’ food (a misleading term as in reality we all know that the food costs are built into the fare) they claim that they are under no obligation to provide vegan options. For example, there is no vegan option among the breakfasts provided on short haul morning flights. BA is dropping their free food/drinks for short haul flights, which will have the unintended consequence of ending the discrimination against vegans.

    Nice to see the standard of long haul meals improving though! I’ve generally found BA food OK.

  4. Thanks for your post! I have a long-haul(11 hour) flight next month with BA and already requested vegan meal online. I am now less worried about the quality and taste of it.

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