Guest post: vegan pizza in Southend

Awesome guest post about vegan pizza in Southend by Jenny Canham of Vegan Boho blog (follow her on Instagram and Twitter).

This weekend marked a very happy occasion for vegans in the Essex area, we have been blessed with vegan pizza thanks to The Railway Hotel!

The Railway Hotel is a vegetarian/vegan pub which was listed in PETA’s list of Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Pubs in the UK. It has been a firm favourite for vegan food amongst people living in Essex and further afield. They sell a wide selection of traditional pub favourites, such as vegan ‘fish’ and chips with tartare sauce, and a range of vegan desserts to finish.

The pizzeria is an exciting addition to this quirky pub. It’s set up separately from the bar, and you can order your pizza by filling out a sheet, on which you can select ‘vegan pizza’ and then choose as many veggie toppings as your heart desires.

The Railway Hotel use Violife Pizza Cheese on their pizzas, which melts beautifully, and each pizza is presented in a traditional box so you can take home what you don’t manage to eat (or if you wanted to save room for one of their awesome desserts!).

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After talking to the owners, I also discovered an extra topping to this exciting pizza news! They are currently looking into offering a pizza delivery service to the area…so people that live nearby may soon be able to order vegan pizza from the comfort of their own home. The pub have also just released their brand new Indian Summer Menu…which is 100% vegan! Hooray!

The Railway Hotel is my favourite local hangout, not only for the delicious vegan food with new dishes added regularly, but also for the general atmosphere and friendliness of everybody there. I hope more people get the chance to check out their amazing new pizzas and hearty vegan pub food!

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