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What follows on this page is one of my favourite guest posts of all time.

I won’t explain as Elena from The Vegan Society does such an amazing job. My words would only get in the way.

Vegan Surf Camp By Elena Orde from The Vegan Society

Sun, miles and miles of beaches and all the delicious food you can eat… have I got your attention yet? Vegan Surf Camp is a haven for globetrotting vegans, located in the wonderfully green Plage-Moliets in the South of France. The camp runs throughout July and August each year, and I was lucky enough to visit in the second week of their season.

Let’s begin with the important stuff… the incredible food. Each night the staff laid out an array of amazing homemade dishes. A few examples include mushroom and seitan stew, crispy garlic bread, tomato and ‘tofu feta’ salad, vegetable tempura, burgers, fried potatoes, plus the camp’s own vegan mayo, which they literally made by the bucket.

dinner spread plate1 plate3 plate2

As a complete surfing newb I didn’t know how I would take to it. But with the guidance of the surf instructor I actually managed to stand up on the board a handful of times over the course of the week (before plunging into the sea and having a little drink of ocean each time). So I think that counts as a win.

If surfing isn’t your bag, the camp has so much else to offer. You can go for walks along the coast or in the surrounding woodland, become embroiled in ping-pong wars, or lounge around the camp’s outdoor bar in their rainbow-striped hammocks or on their rustic decking complete with cat-patterned upcycled cushions. It’s all gloriously Instagrammable.

beach and vsc flag decking hammock2 surf crew beach

The camp also offers daily outdoor yoga sessions in the woods. What with the warm breeze and the chirruping wildlife, the atmosphere was so relaxing that I found myself dozing off during the end-of-session Savasana. I can definitely get behind a yoga pose which basically consists of having a bit of a lie-down with your eyes closed.


The only downsides to the camp were due to my own lack of preparation. If you’re going, take suncream. Take a lot of it, and use it. Or you will end up like me, with randomly-placed patches of sunburn from where you fell asleep in the sun and your towel slipped off a bit. Also: come prepared with mozzie repellent. I found myself having some very un-vegan thoughts towards these little guys as they nibbled on me in the evenings.

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Vegan Surf Camp runs throughout July and August each year. Get more details and pricing here:

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