Vegan and gluten free beer

I’m hoping this beer gets some decent distribution and starts moving around the planet.

Vida Latina is a brand new Mexican beer made from agave that is both gluten-free and vegan. I picked up a few bottles in my local supermarket in Mexico City today for less than £2 per bottle.

Brand new beer made from agave by @vidalatinamx that is both #vegan and gluten free.

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I get asked about gluten-free vegan beer all the time, so it is great to see a new brand on the market.

If you know of any vegan and gluten-free beer brands, please list them below so we can all get a taste. And let your local beer retailer know about Vida Latina and let’s see if we can get this Mexican vegan beer in your region/country.

You can follow Vida Latina on Twitter.

Extra note: This photo originally appeared on my Instagram feed.


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  1. Celia Lager and Daura Damm are both GF and vegan, if I’m not mistaken, and there are Mongozo beers too!

    • Yes, I’ve been drinking the Mongozo mango flavour and it is delicious.

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