Brexit and animals

A few people have asked me what I think the upcoming vote on whether the UK should stay or leave the European Union means for animals.

On one hand, I don’t feel informed or accomplished enough to give a detailed analysis of how the Brexit decision could affect animals. One the other hand, I think it is crucial that people who are voting on June 23, 2106 discuss the situation, share information and debate topics surrounding the referendum.

I have collated a few news and opinion articles on what Brexit could mean for animal welfare reform, animal protection laws and even animal testing policies.

I have included some links for publications and commentators who I deem as divisive and extreme. You should be able to determine these for yourself from the title should you wish not to click on them.

I would also urge vegans and vegan-friendly people who are undecided on their vote to consider broader issues when it comes to Brexit. Of course animals are a major concern (that is why we are all hanging out here to begin with) but I hope your vote takes into count how Brexit might affect human wellbeing, economical security, freedom of movement, food security and countless other considerations.

Basically, I don’t think your entire decision should be based solely around non-human animals but it is certainly a fucking amazingly important topic for you to consider in your decision.

A fairly basic pros vs cons article that mentions EU role in animal testing banThe Metro

A racist-laden look at how EU exit could save animals from Halal slaughterExpress

80% of animal welfare laws originate from EURSPCA

An in depth look at pros and cons in relation to animal lawsVegan Life Magazine

Brexit would be disastrous for Britain’s farm animalsGuardian

The EU has worked to end cosmetic testing (amongst other positives)Independent

Would UK have desire to raise welfare standards outside of EU?Compassion in World Farming

Brexit is a step backwards for animal welfarePhil Wilson MP

Please add more links in the comment section below. I’m sure there must be many more opinions and articles on this topic.

Happy voting!

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  1. Here is another art. by keith Taylor from the Green Party entitled ‘If animals could vote, they would vote to remain’

    Personally I think it would be disastrous if we left the EU-as so many animal protection groups state, we can only achieve positive changes if we collaborate with other countries. This Gov. in particular has no intention to improve the welfare of animals -if anything, existing legislation will be watered down further.
    As you also point out , it isn’t just about non human animals either-human rights,climate change, security, and so on merit serious consideration.
    The Labour Animal Welfare Society(LAWS) has also produced a leaflet ‘If animals could vote, they would vote to remain in the EU’.

  2. Quaker Voice for Animals has collated the views of a number of animal rights/ animal protection/environmental groups on their website:

  3. Kerry McCarty MP, the shadow farming and environment minister who deals with these issues for the opposition in Parliament, is also a 20+ year vegan.

    This was her blog post on the subject. She is very strongly pro-Remain:

    This is her one-hour talk at VegFestUK, filmed by TheVeganTrix;

  4. The vegan-led Animal Welfare Party is the UK’s single-issue party for animals. They declared their support for Remain in a more nuanced piece:

  5. […] The United Kingdom is locked in a debate about leaving the European Union. The Remain campaign is citing all the economists who are warning Brexit would seriously damage the economy, and the Leave campaign’s primary issue is immigration. And FGV has already rounded up several blogs on how Brexit would affect animals. […]

  6. Now the vote has passed, is there someway to get a good estimate how among vegans and vegetarians the vote has been? I suspect that brexit voters eat more meat then the remain camp…. anywhere this can be proven by data?

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