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Have you been wondering how a vegan might consider that their personal choices and the language they employ can be linked to furthering or challenging a wide range of oppressions? Is this something you would like to discuss with other curious vegans in a supportive, safe space?

The vegan community in the UK does a lot of valuable outreach, education and activism with the goal of improving outcomes for non-human animals, but many of us are also coming to understand that our animal-positive activities shouldn’t stand alone from other oppressive concerns.

We can and should be considerate of how our activism can perpetuate negative stereotypes and oppressive forces in the world. We can challenge inequality and inequity related to sexism, queerphobia, ageism, ableism as we fight to improve outcomes for animals. We don’t need to choose which type of oppression we resist and fight to redress, we can work against multiple oppressions at the same time.

So what about a vegan anti-oppression learning collective?

I am hoping to find vegans who are interested in forming a collaborative group of people who want to meet regularly in London (and hopefully in other UK locations) to explore topics of connected oppressions and intersectionality theory via suggested readings, public screenings and meeting guest speakers.

Maybe there is already a group like this operating in the capital, so please let me know if there is.

There is a now a private Facebook group you can join where you can help develop the shape, intentions, shared content and outcomes of the collective. We can start to discuss a safe space policy for the group, how we would like the Facebook page to be managed and who will be willing to take on administration duties for the page and future real life meetings.

If you have been thinking about these topics, join the closed Facebook group to help commence the building of the collective.

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Written by fatgayvegan

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  1. Hiya! I think this is an amazing idea. I’m currently part of a similar group in Cambridge called the anti-speciesist collective which aims to abolish kyriarchy.

    We meet and educate ourselves by reading and discussing about anti-speciesism and how this is interlinked with intersectionality and other theories. Another similar group worth checking out might be ELK – the earthlings liberation collective.

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