100% vegan deli is INCREDIBLE

Say goodbye to your socks because this is going to knock them right off.

Do you all know I am from Australia? Well, it appears a hell of a lot has improved down under since I was last there and one of the most drastic changes is the emergence of this absolutely stunning vegan deli in Melbourne.

My buddy Dex sent me some photos today and I actually can’t believe how impressive this is. She explained in her email that Smith & Deli is the newly opened companion business called Smith & Daughtersa super hip 100% vegan restaurant in the inner city region of Fitzroy.

Dex was impressed by the selection of goods on offer in the deli including sandwiches, pastries, pantry staples and hot coffee.

Check out the photos below and book your flights. Melbourne, we are coming for your deli food!


image1 image3 image5 image7

Things are really looking up for Melbourne vegans. Last time I was in town, I had to stress about my vegan burger being fried on the same hotplate as a runny egg. Now they have a proper vegan deli with no compromises.

Seriously, the menu is on another level.

Smith and Deli menu

Good work, Australia. Now, if you could just do something about the detention centres.

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  1. OMG, when’s the next flight???? Looks AMAZING!!!!

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