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Vegan comfort on another level

This blog post contains some of the most explicit comfort food photos you will have seen in a long time.

The photos are heavy going and some people will find them quite confronting. Sit down, take a few deep breaths and then scroll down for the visual g(l)ory.

burger and chips onion rings vegan chilli dog Bakewell cake with vegan ice cream vegan sundae Parma violet cake vegan

From the top you have seitan burger with fries, onion rings, chilli hot dog, Bakewell tart cake with ice cream, choc-cherry sundae, and parma violet cake with Party Rings.

Are you OK?

Yes, we ate all of this in one spot. Yes, this is all 100% vegan.

Do you recognise this food? It is from the stunning Mono in Glasgow city centre, Scotland.

Follow Mono on Twitter. Eat with them often.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning Mono. I know what I’m ordering next week. Lol

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