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Vegan pizza revolution

London. It just got amazing for vegan pizza lovers.

Check it out.

Firezza is a London-wide chain of pizza shops specialising in handmade, chewy bases with fresh toppings and, from this week, vegan cheese as an optional topping.

PeTA reached out to me earlier in the week to let me know the owners of Firezza had made the decision to include VioLife as an optional extra across all 17 locations. This is surely the biggest chain of pizza restaurants in the UK to be offering a vegan cheese pizza.

Very fortunately for me, one of the 17 Firezza locations is situated just a few minutes walk from my house. This was my experience today.

firezza chiswickDelivery motorcyclesfirezza vegan pizzavegan pizza slice firezzavegan pizza vlose up

This stunning pizza featured a gorgeous selection of Mediterranean vegetables plus the gooey glory of perfectly melted VioLife For Pizza.

You would be able to satisfy any cheese lover with this dish. The VioLife melts incredibly well in the super high powered Firezza oven that manages to cook the pizzas in minutes.

There is a wide range of vegan toppings to choose from when designing your pizza including pineapple, olives, slow roasted marinated tomatoes, chillies, fresh basil, mushrooms and red peppers.

If you are ordering in store or over the phone, you just need to state that you do not want any dairy cheese on your pizza and you would like to include the vegan cheese. So simple!

So, is there a store near you? The full list includes: Chiswick, Notting Hill, Ealing, Chelsea, Wimbledon, Battersea, Wandsworth, Herne Hill, London Bridge, Stratford, Docklands, Crouch End, Highbury, Islington & City, Hornsey, Willesden Green and Royal Tunbridge Wells.

You can click here to see full addresses, home delivery areas, hours and if your nearest branch offers dine in, takeaway, delivery or all of the above.

I spoke with Firezza head office today and was assured vegan cheese is ready to be served in all 17 locations now. (Josh is raving about the pizza with cheese he was served a few hours ago in the Ealing branch)

This is a huge step forward for the vegan infiltration of the mainstream. Thank you, Firezza.

Hop on over to Twitter to let Firezza know how thrilled you are they made the decision to serve vegan cheese and be sure to visit their website to start ordering your next meal!

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Thank you for sharing this – you have made my day! ☺️

  2. OMG, that looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Why can’t they use daiyo cheese, then at least it would taste like a pizza.

    • Yyy. Cos violife is sooooo much better?

  4. I have a question.. what’s actually in the base of the pizza though? Even if you get vegan cheese – is the pizza base not made with milk? Would be interested to know.. g

    • It is extrememely rare for pizza bases from a pizza restaurant to contain milk. The bases at this chain are vegan.

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