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FGV has left the building

Maybe this is what it feels like to send a child off to college.

Almost four years have passed since I launched London Vegan Drinks back in 2011. In that time, I have welcomed thousands of vegans and not-yet-vegans to meet, eat, drink and mingle at one of the biggest monthly social events on the planet.

The event has truly become a legendary staple of the London social scene and has been attended by people from all over the world. It has been an honour to have nurtured London Vegan Drinks every step of the way. I worked long and hard to make it a roaring success and in the process created a very special and much-loved event for London vegans. My aim was to create an inclusive, safer space for people of all walks of life with compassion as the binding trait and I’m certain countless people now have many happy memories thanks to the event.

But everything changes.

It is with a slight twinge of sadness and nostalgia that I announce I am no longer heading up London Vegan Drinks.

I feel it is time to step away from the monthly gathering and hand over the reins to the very people who have embraced the event as their own.

You can now join the newly-created Facebook page for London Vegan Drinks and keep up to date with the latest news and event dates. Robb Masters of the London Vegan Meetup group has set up this page to keep the bustling and vibrant London Vegan Drinks community alive online.

The event will continue to run on the first Saturday of every month at Kabaret in Wood Green.

Much love to all the wonderful people who attended my event over the years. Thank you to the venues that shared responsibility of housing the gathering. Lots of appreciation to the guest hosts who stepped in for me on the rare occasion I couldn’t attend. Eternal gratitude to my partner Josh who attended more of these events than he ever really wanted.

Goodbye, London Vegan Drinks. I know London vegans will take care of you during this next stage of your life.

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