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Vegan double decker

London don’t freak out, but you have a double decker bus serving 100% vegan Italian food within your midst.

You are not dreaming this blog post.

just fab vegan bus londonJosh and I got along to the Just Fab bus on Saturday for some of the most glorious vegan food in London.

I hate to do this to you, but get ready to fly into a jealous rage when you see everything we devoured during our visit.

fritters lasagna vegan burger just fab


Start at the top and you will see the gorgeous crunchy fritters made from celeriac. This is the sort of food I would eat all day long if I had it at my disposal. The fritters were perfectly seasoned.

The lasagna was sublime. It took all of our resolve not to order another slice as we had plans to visit another food establishment later in the day. I ended up using my fork to scrape the leftover sauce from the sides of the container.

My veggie burger was served in a deliciously-soft focaccia roll alongside fresh salad and mayo. Broken record alert but I don’t want to remember what life was like before this sandwich. Glorious.

You think you can handle all of the above? Well, get ready for this next instalment.

tiramisu vegan

Just Fab sell pots of vegan tiramisu that will leave you speechless. Fluffy perfection. Desserts in London have got a new benchmark and it is set incredibly high.

The upper deck of the bus has been converted into a dining area, so make sure you take your meal upstairs for a fun food experience.

Just Fab moves around so follow them on Facebook and Twitter for latest locations. The bus is currently trading in Urban Food Fest in Shoreditch every Saturday.

London, you will be absolutely blown away by this food. ‘Game changer’ doesn’t even come close for a description.

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  1. Shout and take my money
    (yeah i don’t like to tell people to shut up..)

    I’ll HAVE to be there 😀

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