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Vegan on Virgin

This might not seem like a big deal to you, but I love stuff like this.

Today I purchased a product carrying The Vegan Society Trademark for the very first time on a train. I’m such a loser for blogging about this, I know.

IMG_0873I was on the 10:10am London to Chester train when I became curious about the snack shop onboard. As you know, compulsive overeating on cross-country trains is my only vice.

There really wasn’t much to speak of for vegans but I was thrilled to spot Ten Acre popcorn proudly sporting the vegan logo. I think this is truly the first certified vegan product I have ever seen on a train in the UK.

My photo also shows a packet of sea salted crisps from a Welsh company. Though they weren’t certified, the pack was marked as suitable for vegans.

Yay for vegan snacks on trains!

Have you spotted The Vegan Society Trademark in any unusual places?

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