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Vegan surprise

Berlin is so incredibly vegan-friendly, I am still discovering vegan options long after I departed.

What the heck am I talking about?

I was flicking through food photos from my Berlin trip (food reminiscing is one of my favourite hobbies) when a picture of a Mexican-themed restaurant caught my attention. I remember taking the photo but only because I liked the look of it and the logo was a wrestling mask. It wasn’t a vegan or vegetarian restaurant as far as I could tell.

But I looked a bit more closely today and the chalk board out the front shows options for vegan burgers!

berlin mex veganBerlin is so vegan-friendly, you can accidentally photograph vegan menu items without realising.

Has anyone eaten at this place? Was the food tasty?

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  1. Look above too!

    Burrito con tofu, quesedilla con tofu

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